Water Damage Repair

What can Round Rock Cell Phone Repair do for you?

Every year, thousands of people get pushed into pools by thoughtless friends as a harmless prank. This has caused many-a-demise to cell phones across the world. It’s no surprise what happens here, water leaks in through your phones ports and shorts out the guts of your smartphone. But don’t fret, your phone isn’t a permanent paperweight just yet. We've decided to put on our thinking caps over here at Round Rock Cell Repair and put together a short guide, to better help you try and get your phone back to its former glory.

What Should You Do First?

Well, first, it would be smart to take your phone out of the water, silly! If you have a phone that allows you to slide the battery out, you should do this first. If you can’t do that, turn off the power as quickly as possible.

Wipe It Clean

If you've dropped your phone in muddy water, sandy and salty road slush, pudding or some other interesting liquid, you’re going to need to get rid of the visible gunk. Its best that you do this with a moist towel, making as many passes as you need to and rinsing the towel out as you go. We don’t need you to get “water world” Kevin Costner on it (don’t drench the phone in more water), just remove the amount of gunk visible as best a possible, slugger. Now, were going to start drying.

Dry It Off

Taking the battery out of your phone or shutting it off, is the equivalent of tossing it a life-raft. You might be able to tell something is different from your phone, by looking at the lighting sequence on the side. If the lights look different, check out that old, dusty phone manual to read up about the meaning of the light, as it can point out where the water may have damaged. The next step is of much debate, but you can do a multitude of things at this point. You could leave your phone out to dry for about a week.

Some people try to speed up the drying process by leaving their phone in a bowl of dried rice. No, not because their phone is particularly hungry, but because the rice will pull out the moisture. You could also blow-dry the phone lightly from a distance on a warm setting or put it in front of a fan for a few days. Feel free to combine these methods, until you feel 100% comfortable that the phone is dry, probably about 48 hours after the legendary dunking. Also, keep your phone still as much as you can, so water doesn't have more fun inside your phone.

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How Do We Fix Water Damaged Cells At Our Shop?

Good question. If none of these aforementioned methods work for, try and take your phone to MacGyver, he can make anything work! If you can’t find MacGyver, bring it in to us. We’re going to go the distance to make your phone come back to life here. It’s possible that only a few parts have been damaged, and we may be able to replace them and get you out the door quickly. In other cases, if there’s no saving your phone, we can easily get the data from your phone to transfer to any other device so you won’t be completely out of commission.