Speaker Replacement

What can Round Rock Cell Phone Repair do for you?

Are you having cellphone speaker issues? Are you walking around town with your cellphone on your shoulder, cranking the jams, with your hands in the air like you just don’t care? Well, you need to care about you speakers. Maybe you've spilled a little liquid on your phone, have cracked or broken wires inside or the software could be causing some mischief. Either way the real thing we want to know is, who turned off my jam?

Well Figure Out The Cause

Just when you think it’s your speaker causing the mess, it’s your microphone! It really depends if your speaker sounds muffled or garbled and if you hear any sound at all. In that case, its most likely the speaker. If you’re able to hear someone else's beautiful voice when you’re talking on a phone call, but people cannot hear you, it’s got to be the mic drop! Odds are, your phone has multiple speakers. When you are speaking with someone one the phone, you are hearing your phone’s internal speaker that’s squawking back into your ear. It is way quieter than the ones on the outside, because you have it so close to your ears. Don’t worry we aren't going to make you def here. When you hear your Ke$ha ringtone, that is your external speaker that is dropping the beat. It is louder so you can hear it when it is deep in your gym bag or under your car seat.

Speaker Replacement Service

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The Bottom Line

If there is no sound from your speakers at all, it is most likely going to be a hardware problem that’s causing the hullabaloo. Weird effects on your phone like muffled, underwater sounds and quick changes between high and low volumes are most likely something else. It can even be your cell service provider that is the problem. If your phone is recently having issues since you've downloaded an app, it could very well be a software problem. In any case, we want you to bring your phone in to us, to get you hearing things again. The next best solution here, is to restart your phone. We can do this for you and we will work with you on backing up your precious application data and files before doing so. Well never do anything you don’t want us to do… Also, we can fix issue with any phone models (HTC, iPhone, Samsung etc.). Bring in your stuff and let us do our worst!