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What can Round Rock Cell Phone Repair do for you?

So you broke your screen, eh? Well, stop playing catch with your phone. Anyways, it doesn’t matter if you have a few annoying scratches, or a sprawling spider-web shaped crack that’s now leaving painful glass shards in your thumb, we can fix it. All kidding aside, it is very common to crack your cell phone screen. Depending on the phone and how long you’ve had it, it’s a shame to throw it away just because it has a cracked screen. After all, you wouldn’t trash your car just because it had a flat tire would you? A screen replacement will cost about 1/4th of what your new phone does on average, and will work like new when we get our mitts on it. Bring your phone in, well work with you on your screen replacement.

Am I Cooked?

In the end the only way you can repair your cracked phone screen is by getting a replacement. You might be able to use it for quite a while with a cracked screen and simply try to avoid the areas on the phone that are cracked.

However, you might find yourself with cuts along your thumb and come to realize that your phone is the culprit. From my own experience, I can tell you it is not fun to pull shards of glass out of your thumb. Also, if you want to use your phone for a long time with a cracked screen, your phone will start to deteriorate quicker and start to develop dead spots, have lighting problems, and you may notice the color of the screen fading or changing. We will not lie to you and tell you that you can not replace the screen yourself.

But, we just want you to know that it is more complicated than it sounds. You have to find the right tools, buy the right screen, prepare the right lighting, find a great online guide to help you, and maneuver around the intricate interior of your cell phone by yourself. After knowing this, doesn't it seem so much easier (even cheaper) and safer to just bring it down to your best buddies at Round Rock Cell Repair?

Screen Replacement Service

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So, What Exactly Does Round Rock Cell Repair Do?

Hands down, we are the best in the area at repairing cracked smartphone screens. We can do this task really quickly and literally have you back out the door in minutes (most times). But really, if you don't want to wait or want to just mail in your cell phone to us, those are both options as well. We will have you back and texting your friends (glass shard free) in no time at all.