Power Button Repair & Replacement

What can Round Rock Cell Phone Repair do for you?

Having some trouble turning on your phone? You’ve come to the right place. Although it could be any number of issues that’s causing this unfortunate problem, the odds are that it is a power button. Think about the life of a power button…Constantly shoved into your pocket, getting pushed around, dropped and assaulted all day, every day. Thus wouldn’t be fun, no wonder why they break so often. When your phone falls from your grasp, the circuitry inside of the button can be cracked and cause wire-ends to come off. Before coming in to visit us (even though we can’t wait to see your lovely faces), try a few of the methods that we’ve put together for you to better determine what the problem is. After all, it will save you time and money and it will save us from doing needless work.

Feel The Power?

First, let’s see if there is a problem with your battery causing the issue. Let your phone charge for 24 hours, and then try holding down your power button. At this point if the phone doesn’t turn on, the power button is probably cooked. Now you have a few options. You can order after-market parts from China, or new parts (more expensive) and replace the button in a DIY manner. This technique is only for the more advanced phone junkies that know about hardware replacement. The tools to do this can be easily purchased as well. Also, with some phones, if you open them at all, you void the warranty, so be careful about this as well. But what happens if you open up your phone to replace the button, and put it back together to discover that nothing works still?!! You should have known to take it to your boys at Round Rock Cell Repair beforehand. We would have told you it was a battery issue the whole time.

Power Button Service

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Trouble Shooting

Things can start to get tricky if you need to access data on the phone that won’t turn on. It is possible that we can get it to turn on for a short time- enough time to allow us to take off all of your Bieber tunes, because we know you can’t go a day without them. Its little tricks like these that make us so much better than the next guy!

After you have seen how much easier it is to bring your phone in into professionals like us, we hope that you will do so. We wouldn’t want for you to go through the grunt work of replacing your equipment yourself as we can tell you in 2 minutes what the problem is, and fix it in no time.