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What can Round Rock Cell Phone Repair do for you?

We know you use your phone to do lots of things. It’s like your own little media hub as you listen to music when running, watch videos on the way to work and call your friends after class. But something weird happened the other day when you were talking to your buddy- You started hearing hissing, popping and crackling noises when using your headphones. You like the cereal rice-crispies, but they weren't the cause of your snap, crackle pop this time. Something’s wrong and here are the steps you should take to fix it yourself, before consulting genius’s like us to help you..

What Can You Do?

1. Try testing your headphones with someone else’s phone or with another media device or computer. If they work, we know it’s not them that causing the crackling and that it is probably your headphone jack.
2. Another cause could be lint or other debris that has made its way into your headphone jack. You could get it out by grabbing can of compressed air, spraying inside the port and seeing if that works. From personal experience, I’ve put tape around a bobby pin, gently stuck it into the headphone port and removed a large wad of pocket-lint that had cause my jack to go dead. Try making your own contraband-like device and let us know what worked the best. Don’t go too crazy or be too rough here, you have us within your reach if you get stuck.
3. It could be something within your system settings that’s causing this ruckus. Try updating your phone. Try a hard reset. Try adjusting the volume settings. It’s even been said that “OK Google Talkback” application settings can be to blame for microphone and headphone problems. It could be other applications causing the issue. It could be that a mechanism is misreading that your headphones are not plugged in within the jack itself. Try removing and plugging the headphones back in multiple times. If nothing else seems to work here, it’s time to visit us!!

Headphone Port Service

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Nothing Has Worked. Ugh. How Can I Fix This?

Now that you've nearly tried everything it says on Google to try and get your headphones back and working, you’re at a loss. Good thing there are some incredible looking, well-versed experts nearby in the Austin area to help you with cell phone issues. We will have a look at your device, examine the port in question and clean it out with our tools. If we can’t fix it from cleaning, we will speak more with you about the parts needed to replace your jack and just how quickly we can do it. We are Usain-Bolt fast, so the odds are we can do it same day. Let us help you get your headphone jack problem squared away- we know what we’re doing!