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There are areas on your phone that are really easy to damage. Think about it. One drop could mean a cracked screen. A little water may take out your speakers. You charging port is another one of those parts of your phone you use every day, that is really easy to foul up. You plug in and unplug your charger every day and it gets beaten up when you move, twist and push around the port. Although many things can cause your port to stop receiving a charge, we want to eliminate what it could be before your bring it in and waste your time and ours:

Check Your Port

Its is very easy for lint or dirt to make its way into your charging port. If this has happened to you, it really makes charging a pain. If you happen to have a can of compressed air around, try using that on the port. Spray the air at all angles to dislodge the gunk inside. If this doesn't work, you may need take your cleaning to the next level. You will need to shut off your device and try cleaning out the inside of the port with a toothpick dipped in rubbing alcohol. Move the toothpick around the port very gently swabbing and cleaning as much as possible.

Use The Correct Charger

Its really easy to look at the end of a charging cord, and claim that it is the same as yours. But, just because it looks the same and seems to fit, intricacies of the cables end may not fit with your device. The clips on the inside can be bent using the wrong charger and you can have a whack at fixing it on your own by bending them back with a paper clip (Again, unleash your inner MacGyver!). Also, other chargers may not give your phone the proper amount of power that is required by your device. If you're using the wrong charger for your phone, that's definitely not helping your cause!

Charging Port Service

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How to fix a phone charger port? Feeling Like you've tried everything to fix that pesky charging port? You probably have.. that you can do. You've got to bring your phone into your guys at Round Rock Cell Repair to check it out. We’ll tell you what's wrong and what we'd like to do to get your charging port back rolling. Our smartphone technicians are certified and can probably fix your cell phone blindfolded. let us do our job for you!!!