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Come on, let's be real guys. Nobody has a camera today, that isn't on their cell phone. The days of Kodak Film and black and white Polaroids are over. If the camera on your cell phone is not working, you may feel vulnerable as at any moment, something great can appear and right when you want to take a picture of it... WTF! We know that sometimes you drop your phone camera and then it makes sense why your camera isn't working. But at other times your cell phone camera just stops working out of the blue. If this is the same situation that you are in, we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve, that hopefully allow you to fix your camera on your own.

So What Do I Do?

One thing you should do is try and fix your cell phone with a hard reset. Take the battery out of your cell phone repair Round Rock obviously turning it off first. Leave it off for about 10 minutes, then put the battery back in, and try turning on the phone . Now try using the camera like your paparazzi and see if it works. If not, the next thing that it could be is the memory card. It may have been dislodged or wasn't put in correctly. Just make sure that it's securely in its slot. Turn the phone back on and try using the camera again. If you still has you still have no luck, then too bad. Just kidding! One of the last things it could be is that your phone needs a software update. There are places you can check online to see if updates are needed for your device, including your cell carriers web site. Odds are you can solve your issue with that and get the update via your phone. If that doesn't work, we come back to the fact that a faulty mobile application can cause havoc on your phone. Make sure you check out all the new apps you've downloaded, check out forums and comments that others have posted. See if others have had camera issues after downloading. If this is the case, definitely trash that app as you want your camera to be ready at moment's notice. Snap!

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Okay, so if you've tried everything, and nothing seems to be working, you can take your phone into us. We know we're doing we're not dumb and we have fixed thousands of cell phones. You know what we probably even fixed millions! Our technicians are super nerdy (probably some of the nerdiest people you will ever meet) and can fix your phone up in no time. Also, we like to play by the rules, tell you what were going to do with your phone, give you a fair and honest estimate and allow you to be on your way. If you're in the Round Rock Texas area, bring you phone in right now and will get you ready to go!