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Imagine this: Your all amped up and about to go out for a night on the town with your friends when all of a sudden, your phone battery dies. It's just devastating. How are you going to get people's numbers and use UBER to get home? Yes, there are times that your battery issue can be because of its connections, but other times it's just that the phone's battery has worn out. That being said there's a bunch of things that you can do in order to try and fix your battery issue on your own. Were really nice people over here at Round Rock Cell Repair, we want to try and help you save money and help you fix it yourself. So check out some things below that you can do to try and make amends with your phone on your own.

Battery Issues? Check This Out...

Your cell phone battery life is a tough thing to manage. You want to use it as much as possible but you also don't want to wear your battery out to quick. Aside from the fact that there are many apps available for android and iPhone that help you to conserve your battery, there are a few other things you can do. You can turn off location services and Wi-Fi connection when you aren't using them. These things end up significantly wearing down your battery over time. I also bet you didn't know that having your ringtone settings, on when someone calls you also wears down your battery (so switch to vibrate mode more often). If you use your camera a lot and use a lot of phone applications, this could be draining your battery as well. You should regularly learn to go through your applications and remove ones that you don't use as much. The reason being that they can run in the background and wear down your battery without you knowing it. There is also a common wives tale: that you should wear down your cell phone battery every day before charging.

This is not true today, even though it may have been years ago. Lithium technology has made it so that you are able to charge your cell phone as often as you need. Actually if you run the battery of your cell phone down every day to a point where it is completely dead, it may actually be harming your battery. Other things can really wear down your battery as well. Heat has long been an enemy of electronics so make sure you don't leave your phone out in the sun or in other really hot places. Bottom line if you are going anywhere with drastic temperature changes and interesting climates it's best to either bring your backup cell phone or not bring one at all as this can really take a toll on your battery.

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Despite taking all necessary precautions to conserve your battery, you still may be having issues charging it. It's pretty common these days as our cell phones are starting to look more and more like TVs. How can we expect to run these behemoth devices from our own pockets and have the battery last forever? We really can't expect that. So if you need to replace your cell phone battery you found the right guys to do the job. Modern cell phones can really make it tough to change the battery, but we can open it up swap in a good battery and get your phone back to you in really good time. Don't believe us? Come on in to one of our locations and will prove it to you.