Battery Connections

What can Round Rock Cell Phone Repair do for you?

So it's clear now that you have a battery connection issue. You've tried all of the common remedies for a typical battery problem: Minimized mobile applications running at the same time, avoided extreme heat, disabled your ring tone and put your phone on vibrate, avoided using your camera as much as you used to, and you may have even downloaded an app that will help you to save your phone battery power. But now what do you do? This is a dead giveaway that your phones battery connections are to blame. Well we want to show you a few things you can do at home, on your own, to fix the issue yourself!

Let's Make Some Connections

In order to really fix your batteries connections you can do a few things. The first thing that I would do is take a can of compressed air, and unleash the wind upon the connections. Then I would get a Q-tip, and a bit of rubbing alcohol. Use the end of the Q-tip to rub against the connections in order to remove sediment that may be in the way of a good charge. You also may be able to look at a picture of your phones connections online and see that there is something wrong with yours. For example, one of your connection pins may be bent, broken or tinted a different color. If this is the case, you may need to take the plunge, and get the connections repaired. We are going to be your heroes!

To The Rescue!

If you are having a serious battery connection issue we can help you out, there's no question about it. With things like this, we can have you in and out the door in the same day! We are so smart and so experienced that we can do repairs like battery connection issues easily, usually with parts on hand.

Battery Connection Repair Service

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How To Fix A Phone That Won't Charge Properly

The snappiest, least demanding, and frequently best method, is to do a little DIY repair on your smartphone device. The issue is regularly that the metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the microUSB charger are not reaching, either through an assembling imperfection or as a result of the persistent stopping and unplugging of the charging link. You should simply power-off the device, eject the battery and utilize something strong & tiny, for example, a toothpick, to "lever up" the little tab inside the USB port on your cell phone or tablet. Do this deliberately and tenderly, then reinsert your battery and try to charge it. Something simple that can save you time and money from calling us to fix or replace the charging port.

If you have a phone that does not feature a releasable battery, we DO NOT recommend doing the above technique - Take it to us. If it's this simple, we won't charge you.

Before Calling, Also Try...
  • Try switching cables
  • Try switching wall outlets, and your charging adapter.
  • Try replacing the battery if applicable.
  • Check for software updates or even do a roll-back of an earlier software version.
  • Try restarting your phone or device.
  • Use orginal package equipment that came with your cell phone.