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We are locally owned and operated which makes our services causal as they are done by friendly and helpful technicians.

How To Crack Your Phone Screen By Plainrock124 (Funny)

All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team can service cell phone & iPhone repairs that can potentialy cost twice as much if taken somewhere else. Each of our team members are friendly and always have a smile to help you.

We are experienced to fix battery connections, batteries, camera, charging ports, heaphone port, no-signal, power buttons, screen replacement, speaker replacement, unlocking, and last but definitely more common than most - water damage repair.

  • Drop it off, mail it in or let us come to you.
  • Factory-like performance & durability.
  • Android, Blackberry, Tablets, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone support.
  • All services backed by our guarantee & warranty.

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Cracked Screen Repair & More

Did your brother throw you in a pool with your cell phone in your pocket? Did he nun-chuck the phone out of your hand? First things first, tell your brother to take a chill-pill. Secondly, you now have to figure out how you are going to repair your cellphone!!! You could buy a new one ( For $400…No thanks) or you could do it yourself (Ugh. Just Ugh). But, you have another option…

Round Rock Cell Repair is your ideal cell phone repair Round Rock service store in Texas: Our goal is take your savagely broken cell phone and bring it from the depths of despair to the shiny, blingy smartphone it used to be . Whether you have a cracked screen, damaged headphone jack, water damage or power button issues, we can resurrect your phone. Yeah, but there’s tons of repair companies, why should you go with us, you ask? I’ll tell you why.

  • We are lightning-quick: If you have a cracked screen or another common phone repair, well fix it so quick, that your head will spin! No joke, we see people in and out of the shop with like-new phones in under an hour in many cases.
  • We use spanking-new parts: We know you need your smartphone to text about puppies, sports and fast cars, so we’re only going to use high-end replacement parts to make sure your phone is running like dynamite.
  • Oh, the convenience! If you need to have your cell phone repaired, it can be such as hassle. That’s why we make it as easy as 1-2-3 for you here. We allow you to mail your phone directly to us, schedule appointments for an estimate and you can obviously drop by in person. We want iphone repair round rock locals to feel at home, because you are our #1!
  • We can make nice with any device! We realize that y’all don’t have the exact same phone brand…Duhh! Here Cell Repair Round Rock, we can make magic with a multitude of factory and custom machines! Whether you have an iPhone (any generation), iPad (Or other tablet), Droid, Blackberry, Windows phone or any other new device under the sun, we've got you covered! We can also work with you to replace any other accessories that you may have broken.
  • If it doesn’t stay fixed, bring it back in! We wish that your cell phones would last forever, but we know that they don't. We want you to bring your phone back to us if you aren’t completely satisfied with how we fixed it up…
  • Round Rock Cell Repair cares - We’re not one of those companies that will look at your phone and just tell you some random price. We’ll give you great feedback and solid information about your phones situation, so that you can make the right decision!! Hopefully it is with us!
  • We have awesome technicians! They are admittedly nerdy, highly-skilled, and have repaired tons of phones of all types (they're also specially trained to repair iPhones!). Be sure to high five them on the way out for their awesome iPhone repair round rock service.

DIY Screen Crack Repair: Clean the screen as best you can is the first step. You can use any soft cloth to do this. To prevent the crack from growing, the most common technique is to use clear tape. Once you have applied the clear sticky tape on the phone, trim any excess tape - Wahla!. This prevents common finger cuts and annoying abrasions.

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